Our Vip Services…

Wealth Management

Your VIP Wealth Relationship Manager works with you to prepare a plan based on an in-depth financial review to identify your specific financial goals, an analysis of your profile, your expectations and your risk tolerance and your current financial situation.

Investments Management

Our VIP investment management helps our VIP Investors to protect their capital and investment assets from being eroded with time due to extravagance uses. It also help them to grow their money over a certain period of time in order to meet our Vip financial needs.

Microfinance Investments

Our MFI located in Lima, Peru provides loans to SMEs who are not banked which doesn’t allow them to get the capital they require. We analyze their business needs and provide a loan with a real estate guarantee as collateral, which protect our investment.

Residency by Investment

With your investment in Europe or United Arab Emirates, you are eligible to obtain a residency or even citizenship.

Public Relations

We understand that a network is the most important thing to make growth your Net Worth. So we can help you get there!

Portfolio Creation

Diversification of your portfolio is prime, so we can offer you diverse projects all around the world.